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We provide a number of free resources for you to download and try. This is a good way of seeing whether our resouces will download and work for you. We also provide information about the resources that we provide.

Prayers for Special Sundays

It is our intention to offer a series of prayers for special Sundays through this page. Do feel free to make use of them.

This day we have witnessed a man for all nations
This day we have witnessed a man for all nations - Words

A hymn by Andrew Pratt to commemorate the life of Nelson Mandela
A prayer for the Methodist Conference
Prayers for the Methodist Conference

Download - PDF file

Download - PowerPoint file
Prayers for Sea Sunday
Prayers for Sea Sunday

Download - PDF file

PowerPoint file - A prayer of praise

PowerPoint file - A prayer for others

Reflection Videos

Each week  in IDEAS we offer at least one reflection video for use in worship

Micah 4:1-10
We are offering Micah 4:1-10 as a Lectionary Video. This is in the MP4 format which we propose to use from December 2013. We would advise you to test that it works ok with your system by downloading it and then checking that it works OK with your media player and projection software. If there are problems let us know by completeing a report form.

You carry us
You carry us by Mike Rayson - a video we made for the 11th September using images  of New York.


PowerPoint Hymns

Rejoice, the Lord is King
All Hymns and worship songs are offered in versions that match Hymns & Psalms, Singing the Faith, Rejoice and Sing, Common Praise, Songs of Fellowship, Mission Praise, The Source, Junior Praise and Kids Source (+ one or two others on occassions).

The have photographic backgrounds designed to complement the words and a title band that matches All Included which shows the liturgical colour where appropriate.

Download - Rejoice, the Lord is King
There's a light upon the mountains.
Hymns from Digital Hymnbook 1 have had a major make over. We have added the title band and where appropriate have changed the background to something more appropriate. We have also added versions for the other books where they exist.

Download - There's a light upon the mountains.
O come, all ye faithful
We have also worked on the hymns, songs and carols from Digital Hymnbook 2 - Advent, Christmas and Epiphany. We have added the title band and replaced all the backgrounds with photographs taken in and around Bethlehem. We have kept the yellow text with a black shadow as this is most effective for candle lit services. There are now versions that match Singing the Faith and Kids Source.

Download - O come, all ye faithful
Great is our redeeming Lord
Hymns and Songs from Digital Hymbook 3 - Lent, Holy Week, Easter Season have the title band and new backgrounds of photographs mainly taken in and around Jerusalem. Singing the Faith and Kids Source versions have been added.

Download - Great is our redeeming Lord
God loves you and I love you
Hymns and Songs from Digital Hymbook 4 have the title band  added and new backgrounds where appropriate. We have added versions of songs that match Singing the Faith and Kids Source.

This is a good place to mention that we also offer a large selection of good children's songs from people like John Hardwick, Paul Field, Doug Horley and Dave Godfrey.

Download - God loves you and I love you

Current Resources

Tea-time Church
January - The Boy in the Temple

Christmas 2
January 1st - From Heaven You came & What?s left after Christmas

Making promises

Giving and receiving

Ordinary 1
January 8th - Baptism and the Holy Spirit & Preparing the way

Ordinary 2
January 15th - The Lamb of God & There are no Championship disciples

Ordinary 3
January 22nd - The message of the Cross is for all & Ecclesiastes, God and Time

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